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The Videos

With the eyes you can understand faster than with the ear. So I made some videos and some of them I uploaded on internet distributor YouTube. I am not a big friend of this platform. If the information is right, YouTube receives 300 minutes film material per second. In the moment the internet consumes 10% of the total electricity and the tendency is further increasing. And every forth bit that is haunted through the internet is a YouTube-bit. The most of it is trash. Who wants to see in 2050 the cat of the Smiths in a video from 2010? If you want to see all cat videos in 2050 you must live for 500 years. And then YouTube does not take that much exactness with the laws.

YouTube makes a contract with the uploaders. Whether YouTube takes fees or is for free is irrelevant. YouTube says of itself, that it is not able to proof all videos because of to less personnel. But this belongs to its obligation to exercise diligence. So YouTube has to cease the staff. And if they have not enough money, they must demand fees for the videos from the uploaders like a lessor. Then all the useless trash will disappear by itself. And then YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have to face the market. Other competitors could be better. And then they would not have the monopoly. YouTube tries to bypass the problem with the copyright that way, that they say: we own the videos but the uploaders are responsible for the contents like the post office is not responsible for the contents of the letters. But everybody has the right, that the post transport the letters but nobody can force YouTube to publish videos.

The Fed prints money, greases the palm of liked IT companies (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Amazon), they come into a market-dominating position, the competitors become insolvency and Facebook and Co. delivers data. Unwanted information and people could be made offline easily.

Juridical it is a deceit if you know at the time of making the contract that you cannot fulfill your duties.

And because the German justice earns money by every lawsuit through the advances of the lawsuit costs, they have no problem with it as long they delete videos which are inconvenient for the justice.

Therefore I only uploaded a few videos there.

The one thing is to get a date, so I can show when I had the idea, for the case if somebody wants to sell my invention as his own. The other thing is to show that the lemniscate and the constant velocity joint work really.

Bild "Videos:YouTubeZedo.png"This video shows an early version of my Z├ędolille Windmill as a wooden model. Perhaps I should have sewn some sails in the frames but I had no delight for that. It takes my time, it costs some money and nobody gives a dime. And to take some paper with glue tape seemed to me not adequately. The thing is the movement of the sticks and this is to see.

Bild "Videos:Zedolille.jpg"Here is a later video with a rocker and a tared centre of gravity. The lemniscates are consecutively affixed. This has the disadvantage that the sail cannot be infinite long, because they would hit in the air at a certain length. I wanted to show the wave movement, so people do understand that my pencil drawings are surely right. Inverted it is a propulsion for ships. Already deprecated: now I can make it without rocker. The spruce wood is to weak to try this model in the wind.

Bild "Videos:Mobike_Youtube.png"This video shows the Modibike short and quickly without language. If you want to know something about it, please contact me.

Bild "Videos:Constant_Velocity_Joint.png"My both wooden models of my constant velocity joints. The work was not that easy because you must concentrate very much. If the angles are not exactly aligned the models would clamp. You can see this models also as artwork.

Bild "Videos:YouTubeMolar.png"I truly believe that even the teeth of Man can grow but very slow of course. And that therefore a bit abrasion is healthy for the teeth. I also truly believe that not the sugar is the main cause for the caries but the chloride out of the common salt. I thought it was my duty to make a video about this.

On my marathon search for sponsors I participated 2006 at the Rolex Awards 2008. I thought that this company would be serious. I received a denial. In the Rolex jury 2006 was a member with the name Rojas. 2008 appears a video on YouTube by a person called Denise Rojas that is quite the same like my application: two parts, the first part with the history of the windmills, then a break, a little understatement with an announcement and then the new windmills. The video is clicked more then 1.2 million times.

Bild "Videos:GreenPowerScience.png" I notified YouTube a copyright infringement like it was demanded on the YouTube website. I could not find any contact address from the firm "GreenPowerScience". But YouTube did not react. In my contract with Rolex was written that the applicants stay owners of their projects, Rolex would not give them to others except the projects of the winners. I lost the lawsuit against YouTube for stoppage of the video and calling me the uploader because I missed to convince YouTube of a copyright infringement before the lawsuit! Silly! Unfortunately the little judge missed to explain me how! 120 Euro I should pay for a translation into English. But I never have seen it, I did not even get a statement of defence by YouTube. In this case there has to be a noncompliance sentence for me and not against me! The British Max Mosley choosed Germany for his lawsuit against YouTube/Google and wins! And he must not pay for a double translation: first into German and than back into English.

My objection, that then the German court would not be responsible but the court of the YouTube company and that therefore my advance belongs YouTube and not the German court, was not payed attention.

(Nonsense: After a crash with the car you have to convince the other driver first, that his traffic light was red and only if you succeeded in this you may complain. But why then? Why did the people installed the "independent justice"?)

And there were always missing the teachings about the legal remedies. So the visitations of the bailiff because of the fees for not allowed remedies were illegal. And the fake news do not write about it.

I wanted to take a remedy against the sentence and was informed by the official with certain judicial powers that there are none. But there was the remedy of the rebuke. I said "Heil Hitler" and received a ban on entering the house. Now the court lies, that there is no ban. But I have a letter of the prosecution that the ban is legal. Ridiculous: some people say "Heil Hitler" and have to go to court therefore. I say "Heil Hitler" and receive a ban to go to court.

If my lawsuit had success the business model of YouTube would have received a big problem. So the elites went the most convenient way for them. But that I have to pay their relaxing, no, that cannot be.

I received a letter in which I was demanded to copy all my letters with the court once again because the file disappeared at the justice. Because there was no advance for the copies in the envelope, I did not the copies.

If the videos are not shown, try the Firefox browser!

Here is the Tirajator video:

And the new Constant Velocity Joint: