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With a little humour

Regarding: Copyright of the pictures.

The pictures and videos are uploaded by the at the Soltuuli company announced person "iTomate5" on this page. Therefore the Soltuuli company is in accordance with the court of Bochum categorically not passive legitimized.

And in the case of possible demands for money it is the German justice anyway not to see, where there is a financial damage. They are just a little stupid.

And for the case that somebody wants to know after the TMG (the telemedia law), who is behind "iTomate5", there is to read at the judge Godehard Reverend B. this: "Maybe there is a trespass against the TMG, but this does not generate a compensation for the demander at all. So you have to pay 500 Euro after ยง 91 ZPO for the lawsuit."

Humour is to laugh even though.

I worked up the best phrases of the German justice of my YouTube "lawsuit" into a tragicomedy, that I do not want to keep back. Here is the download-link as pdf:

Die Rasen-Satire

As far as well.

Bild "Others:Schweinswal.PNG"

"Hey, here I have a CD with the beautiful singing of the harbour porpoises, just hear it!"

"Wow, but for me it sounds more like a concert of Rammstein."

(Explanation: due to the din at the hammering of the stakes for the propeller windmills in North and East Sea the harbour porpoises disappear. Their eardrum ruptures.)

After Odysseus outwitted the sirens with their singing, these wove a new plan. The success did not take long to come. Since then untold politicians are drawn magically towards the whirred singing technique riddles.

Bild "Others:Merkel.jpg"
the chancellor above the special exhibition connection under this connection under...

Bild "Others:Transport1.jpg"

At this year's carnival parade this motif wagon got lost.

Bild "Others:Transport2.jpg"

Late that evening the operation forces of the police succeeded in bringing back the runaway safely to its platoon. There the fools had something to laugh at again.

Bild "Others:Windmuehlunfall.jpg"

On ash wednesday all was over with no special occurrences, this was twittered by the blonds of the police.

Here the next magically attracted politician:
(the German wordplay cannot be translated into English)

Bild "Others:Minister1.jpg"

The special exhibition "100 years of Dada in the North Sea. From the ready-mades towards the steady-vanes" opened by Angela Merkel celebrates its first visitor. Unfortunately not paying.

"Hey, where are they?" - "Behind you, Mister Minister!"

Bild "Others:Minister2.png"

Back on safety ground the accredited photographers gave the lucky visitor Peter A. from B. a little present as a reminder of this big day.

This time it hits a politician of the Lions:

Bild "Others:gabriel.jpg"
The special exhibition celebrates its second visitor.
Unfortunately not paying, too.

Mister Sigmarius Gabriellus as Augustus in spe shows upon the end of the puppy-safety-line for the wind energy. After that it hailed massif critics for the middle populist from animal protectionists in the net.

"Do you mean with special exhibition the gull behind there?" - "No, behind you, Mister Minister."

Bild "Others:Prometheus.png"
Pic.: sacrificial altar of the Repower company in action

However the mortals got to know from the son of God Heracles, that the forged to a rock Prometheus was not vaccinated at all, they became very frightened of Oitz. Thereon they constructed giant sacrificial altars on giant towers and decorated them with the rosettes of their most liked car label, to give Zeus under the slogan "full force back" (shortened: repowering) the stolen fire back again.

Tip for VW

Because of the manipulation of the exhaust gas values just put some Elagabalis into the board. And yet it was a computer virus out of Africa.

Bild "Others:Fledermaus.jpg"

Our little friend believed like his about 500.000 feathered collegues in Germany to fly in the sky just for fun without reading the NRW-edict of the Green party about the wind energy before. This he has from that. There it is written clearly: if there is a propeller in the scenery, you must keep the distance of one length of the wings.

Bild "Others:Werft.JPG"

The artists of the Blue-Man-Group at a live performance in Emden. In the background: one of the artificial riffs of the Department of the Environment for the settling of deep sea corals in the North Sea

Bild "Others:Cervantes.png"

The Cervantes-year 2047 can come.

Better living with Feng Shui

Bild "Others:Badewanne.png"

Here we see a successful example of the interior design of a bathroom. Due to the reduction upon the constituents the intrinsic purgation becomes accentuated. Upon unnecessarily knick-knacks like champagne showers and toothpaste is abdicated. The colour blue delivers an heavenly ambience. Only the swung form of the bathtub bites a bit with the rectangular tiles in the background. Here the owner should use strap drapes to overlay, so that the Shi can flow undisturbed again.

Find the 10 mistakes in the right picture!
Hatnichsollensein Taschentuch

Congratulations on the bestowal of the price for the culture of oration!

Bake News

If you put on an apple pie some cinnamon, the pie not only gets more aroma, it looks better, too. If you have no cinnamon at hand, you can also take some cacao powder.

Bild "Others:vdLeyen.jpg"

1 million electric cars until 2020 for the rescue of the bats of the Arnsberg forest, the Antarctica and the Andromeda galaxy? We make this!

"Katrin studied physics, aren't she? If she puts some of these dy-things there in front, somehow it must go."

Bild "Others:Ingenieur.jpg"

For an engineer nothing is to hard to steer.

Bild "Others:Holzturm.jpg"

Now they build their Xmas pyramids already in spring. Hopefully there is no worm in it.

Bild "Others:Trump_Papst.png"

"Does he still has this AIDS or not?"

Bild "Others:trump_papst2.png"

"Yes, he has!"

Bild "Others:PunktNase.gif"