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The Homeric Question

is solved.

A mega work like the Ilias cannot fall from the sky, land somewhere on the garret, become forgotten and then found again.

Even the most talented child does not just read the chess rules, beats after that the world champion in chess and disappears without any footsteps.

Admittedly the ancient Greek were sly old dogs, but that the mnemotechnique of Simonides was applied on two 1000 sides works (Ilias and Odyssey), until somebody of them wrote it down anonymously, well, I think this is a fairy tale.

Else then the studied historians, who immediately see in every found fragment an arbitrarily proof for a giant cult for the gods, the ancient Greeks had humour. A truth without laughter did not count for them (freely after Nietzsche). And because of an unfaithful wife of a prince to make war with 1186 ships for 10 years? More ships than Troy had inhabitants. My misters! They do not have a scripture and they do not even know, where this Troy, Babylon, Ekbatana... where at all. They were glad if they could count correctly up to ten.

I mean, Odysseus, the hero of the Odyssey was a sly dog, so why should the person, who wrote the Odyssey, be free of cheating? And it is clear, that the Odyssey does not come from the same author like the Ilias.

But who wrote the Ilias and Odyssey?

This question is now absolutely certain solved.

The world history meaning of the Ilias is tremendous. Without the Ilias Alexander's the Great campaign would have been completely different. Without Homer the greek tribes would not have brought together again and again. Homer was the putty between Spartaners, Atheners, Macedones, Zypriots etc.. The occidental culture would have been different. And even Mehmed II, the conqueror of Constantinopel was a fan of Homer.

And when the Romans played a bad game with Carthargo, what did they have in their minds? Answer: they wanted to have their own Troy.

And in Soest there is a Patrocli dome. But there is no holy Christian with the name Patroclus. But in the Ilias and Soest has a partnership with the town "Troyes" in France where this hero lived after the legend.

Shortly after the European nobility learned to write, it faked its pedigrees back upon Hector and the people of Troy to get the benediction from the gods.

Now I do not know what to do with my knowledge. A 4 minutes video on YouTube is not condign towards the matter.