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Man always stands in front of decisions, some are trivial like the question, which socks to wear, other are serious like the question, in which town to study. And there it is often advisable to call for help, especially because the decisions affect other people, too. The antique Greeks had for that e.g. a special oracle entity.

Whether the help for decision comes from a neighbour, a doctor or an oracle-priest, is rather irrelevant. The Chinese do not even ask, whether their Chinese Astrology is true, but if it is useful.

So viewed the question: "Do you believe in astrology?" is fond. 10 asked astrologer will give you 10 different answers.

And the different living creatures have different characteristics. The modern science denies this, like for a chemist all atoms of an element are equal, for a modern psychologist all souls are equal. But if all souls are equal a science of the soul is useless. And so they let the characteristics into their science of the soul under denying the role of their own soul. But this characteristics are all negative! Ill! Characteristics like bounteously, reliable, humorous, helpful etc. do not occur, but manic depressive, schizophrenic, neurotic. And that is quite puny and hardly helpful.

There the science of the effects of the stars is to be preferred towards the science of the soul of the others, especially astrology do not need doing liver damage, chemical gained medicine.

Johannes Kepler was not only astronomer but astrologer, too. He could not live by his astronomy and therefore he called the astrology the beautiful sister of the astronomy.

Everything is in the flow and especially the stars. And there something has happened the last hundreds of years, most people do not know. The vernal equinox (the day on which the day is the first time in the year as long as the night) hikes through the zodiac and currently each year 20 minutes and 24 seconds forwards. That mean, that after 70.586 years all dates of the signs of the zodiac have displaced one day backwards.

In the western astrology (original Persian...) you have the sign of the zodiac, where the sun stands at the date of birth. And therefore you have to change the beginning of the signs of the zodiac every 70.586 years one day backwards. After 12890 years the signs of the winter changed into the signs of the summer.

If you have a calendar with the dates of the signs of the zodiac or if you look in a newspaper onto the dates of the horoscope, you will find, that these are the never changed dates. Every astrologer is free to use his own system and it seems that nobody have the guts to sheer away and to draw the others behind him.

If you want to adapt astronomy and astrology, it is necessary to insert some leap years. The norma follows the ABBA-A norma: A stands for 70 years and B for 71 years. So you get very near the 70.586 years.

Now it is the question, when shall the ABBA-A norma start? The signs of the zodiac are not geometrical measurable shapes like circles or squares. As well the convention when the year begins is arbitrary, too.

And there I define just by fun, that the first A of the time range is guilty from 1st January 2018 until the 31st December 2087. Then follows the first B from the 1st January 2088 until the 31st December 2158.

The leap years are: 2018 (A), 2088 (B), 2159 (B), 2230 (A), 2300 (B), and now again 2371 (A), 2441 (B) etc.

The letter behind the digit stands for the time range to add.

This graduation has the advantage, that then the era of the Aquarius starts in the year 2300 and not for example in the year 2317 or 2289. You cannot draw an exact border between the signs. So 2300 the vernal equinox moves from the Pisces into the Aquarius.

For the time range from 1st January 1947 until 31st December 2017 the starting dates for the signs of the zodiac are:

And for the time range from 1st January 2018 until 31st December 2087 the starting dates for the signs of the zodiac are:

Because the year has got 365 days, there are 5 days to allot. In the table above the astronomical bigger signs received these days. Of course you can argue about that.

(The other possibility to get astronomy and astrology in unison again is to jump from one sign backwards to the next when the equinox moves into another sign. In this case e.g. the Capricorn would start in the year 2299 at the 21st December until the 21st January and in the year 2300 from 21st January until 19th February until 4448 the equinox moves into Capricorn.)

So or so, from time to time it is necessary to jump.