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The Summerland-Logo

The story is a bit awkward, but to keep it secret helps me not further.

Case history:

After the german Christians as "Nazis" overwhelmed with their "Blitzkrieg"-tactic the catholic countries very fast, they did not know, whereto put the French prisoners of war in the rang of officers. So they took them into custody in Soest/Westfalia in a new barrack. Because the Nazis had big plans for the time after the war and they needed people for this plans, they treated this prisoners comparatively well. They were allowed to institute an own chapel, the so called "Französische Kapelle in der ehemaligen BEM Adam Kaserne". This chapel is hallowed catholic and still exists.
Nowadays the barracks are empty and the area shall be used somehow. And therefore some officials, journalists, priests and architects argue about the utilization. Whose digger is allowed to dig, whose bank account will rise.

And now I came into play.

The Summerland-Logo

I was standing innocently with my candles on the Soest's weekly market to sell them, when a man came to me around the year 2002. He had an order for me: I should make a candle for a protestant priest, who is a friend of the French language, the candle should have a relation towards the French prisoners of war and with a jingle in French.

Bild "Others:Kerze_Franz_Kapelle.PNG"
my candle -
rough lookout
I visited the location with my bicycle and collected some information. Because some officers were held about five years as prisoners and you can use a candle also as a timer, a year always has the duration of one sun circulation, I decided to put five suns on a long and thin candle above each other. Because it was a sanguinary time, four suns became blood red sunbeams, because it was a deadly time, I made the undermost sun with black sunbeams. On the backside I put a jingle in French of a French officer, about: we were taken in captivity by foreign power for five years.

One week later the man came to get the candle. As he saw it, he was shocked, what I realized immediately. Obviously he wanted something emotional-tragic like a pigeon behind barbwire or a rainbow behind stanchions but not five cynically laughing suns.

But I could not make an empathetic candle. It was war and it is the job of soldiers to protect the own nation and not to get in prison. Sorry, military thoughts are that way.

The man asked me for the price and I said 5 Euro because if I said 20 Euro there would have been the possibility, that the man would have said: keep this candle! and 10 Euro would have made me not richer. So I quasi worked pro bono because 5 Euro is the value of the material. Alors enfants! Pour la patrie!

3 weeks later he came back, he effusively thanked me. "The candle arrived very well!"

I said that art must not be beautiful and to this theme I could not make a beautiful candle. I was glad and checked off the order.

Around the year 2010 I first saw the new logo of the protestant sorrow group "Summerland": a half yellow sun with yellow sunbeams above a half black sun with black sunbeams. I knew immediately what happened: they needed an idea, had none, so they took mine.

Bild "Others:Sommerland_Logo.png"

Annotation: the protestant church offers towards children, which have lost a relative, to sorrow in a group under professional guidance in their rooms twice in a month.

After that there was each week something written in the local newspaper "Soester Anzeiger" about the sorrow group. They made massive PR and collected diligently donations. Even the local Rotary Club heftily helped to promote the sorrow group and elongated a flyer with tho logo in the camera.

Bild "Others:Rotary.jpg"
Wochenblatt article - you see the sorrow
and so the money stays in their own pockets and they have advertising for themselves for free

But for this utilization I did not made my work. Leastwise they could have asked me. My name was nowhere mentioned. I said nothing to this because it is useless. I did not like this at all. When I read the word "sorrow work", only Germans can create such words. Per hour or piecework? It became acrid, when a female art therapist of the catholic Caritas organization was named as originator of the logo with good critics. So I went to the local newspaper "Soester Anzeiger" to talk with the responsible female editor. She said that she was very sorry and that I should get something in exchange, some money or a feature in her newspaper. And there is enough to feature about. But three months later I received an e-mail that the logo suddenly has not that high value, it would just be "fairly obvious". I never said that this is my masterpiece but the work was not that easy. Really strange. If the work is done by a girlfriend of the editor, the work is marvelous but if the same work is done before by another person, it is just banal and not worth to be mentioned.

I reported an offence against the protestant organization "Diakonie" because of copyright violation, (the originator has the right to be named at his work), but this offence was closed down by the Staatsanwaltschaft Arnsberg after three months of course. "After looking already not to see...".

Of course not, I did not expected something else because I know them well already.

Bild "Others:Sommerland_Kerze.jpg"
out of another of the many articles

They do not even change the position of the black sun on a plagiarism candle. In the Middle Ages the people have to pay their taxes in form of wax. So the churches were lightened and the poor people sat at home in the dark. Martin Luther disestablished this. And so the protestants have hardly candles in their churches and these candles are hardly decorated. But here: decorated protestant candles! The main work was not the kneading in wax, it was the finding of the paradox: an extinct sun cannot shine, but it shines, too! And the paradox is in both works the same. Think for yourself!

And with this the thing is fared, without that the public got something to know about it.

I put this story with the Summerland-Logo on my homepage, because it will not be published by the "fake news". As self-employed I receive 5 Euro and these Gutmenschen sit, lie and drink coffee and earn four-arity. Apart from that the story for me is awkward. They have billions of Euros on their accounts but they do not succeed in giving a word.

As I read in the newspaper they have now a group for the relatives of the members of the sorrow group. That will be done analogue towards the group of relatives for the "psychic ills". And so sorrow turns into an illness out of which the children could not escape without help by the professionals. And when a child does no sorrows right, it gets some sanctions. And by this it will be even more lowered.

They are Christians, they cannot differently. But exact for this case I did not create my candle. Further the "Summerland" is a concept out of the Wicca-Cult and this is not monotheistic. So stolen, too. And this is really sorrowful...