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The Persian Windmill

The Persian Windmill is the first ever used windmill. Around a vertical axle are turning fixed panels. In the top view you see that one half of the windmill is open and the other is protected from the wind by a brickwork. So the pressure of the wind is on one side higher than on the other and therefore this mill turns. The panels move slower than the wind speed therefore there must be some place between the panels and the brickwork. The Persian Windmill is more a resistance runner but it uses the buoyancy force, too. Shortly after the panels come out of the round brickwork, they move nearly perpendicular towards the wind.

Persian Windmill
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(top view)

The Persian Windmill was mainly used for the grinding of grain.

Because of the brickwork the Persian Windmill is depending from the direction of the wind. Due to the situating of more than one windmill in a line the efficiency was exalted. The wind that jinks the one mill must go through the other. This also saves bricks. Additional there were some flaps out of wood infront of the opening to exalt the pressure of the wind.

This windmill occured first in the area between the nowadays Iran and Afghanistan. Because there is less wood but many stones it was there most proper.