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The Sjoelltake-Windmill

The Sjoelltake-Windmill is the first of my three new windmills. I invented it in 2004. They wanted to cut of my electricity-supply so I had to find a clue. As studied physicist I delve into the regenerative energies. I calculated the ratio of energy input and output off the top of my head and get an amortisation time of about 4 years for a propeller windmill. But this is far to less for an "energy-turning". To be free in mind at all I did it like Jimi Hendrix, who did not hear the music of colleagues to be able to develop his own new style and went not to the library.

Sjoelltake with innerturning

Bild "New Windmills:anigif_Sjoelli2.gif"

animated visualization

My self allocated task was to invent a windmill that is independent of the direction of the wind with plane profiles that gets as much energy out of the wind like the known propeller windmills. Soon it became clear, that there must be at least two axles. I let a second axle run outside round. And so I reinvented the Chinese Windmill without knowing it. After that I went to the library and I found it in a book. I was very disappointed. But I still had it in my mind. Suddenly I had the idea. The Chinese Windmill only uses the stream on one side of the middle axle while closing the sail. But the opening of the sail can be used, too! And then you can run angular against the stream and gain very much energy! Because the energy goes with the cube of the velocity of the virtual wind and the virtual wind is quite double. That is the joke.

Here is the joke in a graphic
Bild "New Windmills:Sjoelltake_Kraft.png"
The sail moves into the orange direction, the virtual wind is shown in cyan and quite double the real wind. This delivers power. The buoyancy (purple) is perpendicular towards the virtual wind. The red component brakes the sail but it is very low. The green component is full available. Please compare this with the Darrieus Windmill!

The dictum that you cannot swim against the stream while gaining energy has lost its validity. Yes, you can, if you have a fixed point.

It is better to build the Sjoelltake with innerturning lying because sudden changes of the direction of the wind have less meanings.

I searched a name for the windmill that somehow sounds like the diction of seamen and called it "Sjoelltake" because the syllable "Sjoell" is new, too and therefore aptly. "Take" sounds like the german word for "rig".

Forthwith I invented three variantions of the Sjoelltake:

  1. the Sjoelltake with outerturning
  2. the Sjoelltake with innerturning
  3. the plane Sjoelltake

For the Sjoelltake with innerturning I developed an angle-accelerating-amplifier. If someone has a pulsating torque and wants it smoother, please contact me.


Bild "New Windmills:Sjoelltake300ganz.jpg"
The second Version of the Sjölltake

To save money, I had to take cheaper wood. At the fifth presentation at the Soester Artdays a sail broke at a gust. For the Rolex Awards I made a model more stable. Like already written, I thought that I would win. At this time I do not have a digital camera to make a video. For a model out of pine-wood this model is already oversized. It takes some hours to build it up and down.

Bild "New Windmills:Sjoelltake400Reifen.jpg"  Bild "New Windmills:Sjoelltake300innen.jpg"

Bild "New Windmills:Sjoelltake300aussen.jpg"
The Sjölltake with outer-turning

A bit more support would have been nice, especially because the officials announce that they promote innovations. By the self declared innovation-promoters not a single cent is in this model. Because of the promoting of women a woman received 20 innovation prizes, but her innvention was already made 70 years ago.
The propeller windmills need much materials, that is bad for the environment but good for the producers of steel. So the wanted blindness is comprehendable.