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The Pegtop

You can read in books on physics, that the laws of Kepler (Kepler himself did not call them "laws") are guilty for the movement of planets, because the total turning momentum must stay the same. Well, it is correct. But, it is also not quite correct. This is only guilty for closed systems. But a closed system is an ideal system that only exists in the mind of humans (Platon). Real systems are always open, just because of the inner and outer infinity. And therefore the universe could not die the warm-death. To show, that it is proof, I invented a new pegtop. I wanted to see, what happens, if...
So I tinkered some prototypes and examined them. And surprise: I found a pegtop that runs a curve like a clothoide. And you can use this pegtop as a plaything for children to play Boule. This pegtop to handle is a bit more difficult.

A clothoide is a curve whose curvature rises proportional towards the length of path. Traffic bends are built that way for the reason, that the driver have to use the steering wheel only a bit and most important: continuously.

I would like to show it here to you. But if I do so, the invention will be copied immediately. And I have no possibility to protect it.

But as a little titbit a picture of a clothoide:

Bild "Inventions:Klothoide.gif"
(artistically blazoned)