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Leibniz dissented Newton's long distance force vehemently. He said, that Newton with his gravitation force, that takes effect through a vacuum without time delay, opend the door for occult speculation into science and that this is a step backwards since the work of Descartes and Galileo.

Leibniz supported the whirl theory of Descartes. There an aether shall rotate around the sun. Due to the centrifugal force matter is hurled to the outside where it gathers because the matter hits there the matter of other whirls, which built up matter walls, too. Now finer matter would have no place there and is hurled back towards the middle of the whirl.

This leads us nearer towards the truth.
But he gave no answer what the aether should be. And a matter wall must absorb the light of the stars. And then satellites can rotate retrogardly. The impulsion cannot come from outside by an aether like leaves caught in a vortex.

Descartes made the observation that little parts of wood that swim in water move towards the center of the whirl, if the water is brought into rotation. So it is the leissure of Descartes, that the terrestrial laws of physics are also guilty in the universe and not Newton with his apple. Before that the sphere of the stars belonged to one or more deity/dieties.