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And now follows a short confutation of the theory of gravitation by the greatest physicist of all time: Mister Einstein.

Well, if the theory of gravitation of Newton is wrong, a theory of gravitation like the one of Mister Einstein that is a generalization for moved masses is wrong, too.

"I think it is possible, that the physics can be constructed not on the term of the field, that means upon continuous structures. Then nothing will remain of my whole castle in the air inclusive the theory of gravitation." - Quote Mister Einstein, 1954

But, what happened one hundred years ago, that all screamed after the "theory of relativity"?

Well, the mathematician Lobatchevski found in the year 1826 the non-euclidean geometry. On a hyperboloid more than one straight line can run through a point without crossing another straight line. So in a hyperboloid room the axiom of the parallels by Euclid is not valid. And this discovery brought Gauss and Riemann towards the theory of the curved room.

Bild "Gravitation:Hyperboloid.png"
The three straight lines through M do not cross the straight line D
(the source of the picture: Wikipedia)

Now some mathematicians from Göttingen in Germany wanted to put this new theory upon the physical room to outstrip Sir Isaac Newton. Their names: Hurwitz, Minkowski and Hilbert ("The physics are simply to heavy for the physicists.")

But our world is in our experience three dimensional. But to create a world in which the axiom of parallels is not valid, it is needed a curvature and therefore it is necessary to have an additional dimension. So they multiplied the time with a velocity. This delivers a distance. And so they got their fourth dimension. But then you could not use the Euler-Lagrange theory. So they gave birth to a second time by parting the time into a local time and a world time. Poincaré first had this ideas, but he rejected them immediately.
And so they came upon the "gravitation as the result of the curvature of the four dimensional space and time".

This are all dreams by mathematicians. It has nothing to do with the real world.

Electric phenomenons and magnetism had been known for very long, but foremost James Clerk Maxwell 1864 succeeded in finding a theory to grab them mathematically: the Maxwell-equations. And there it appears a finite velocity of the waves. Now Newton's time-equal long distance force became obsolete. Therfore some physicists postulated an upper limit for the velocity and that light and fields move with this velocity within an empty room. And because light take for about 8 minutes to come from the sun to the earth a field of gravitation cannot be static like it is supposed at the Newton theorem and so the Kepler ellipses must have in a higher proximity a different shape. On this Hurwitz, Minkowski and Hilbert took an attempt.

Minkowski died early, Hurwitz went to Zurich/Switzerland, where he met a young Mister Einstein. This guy sucked all new terms like a sponge and gave them back as his own thoughts. He knew that this was his chance of his lifetime. Hurwitz found it all right, because he was not sure by himself. The other mathematicians and physicist were not able to follow except Hilbert, who lauded the new theory of his friend Hurwitz and written down by Mister Einstein. Even Poincaré could not understand what was meant but he felt, that there is something behind it (Hurwitz of course). Mister Einstein eschewed Poincaré after this. And now we understand how it is possible that Mister Einstein could publish the "common theory of relativity" just 5 days after Hilbert but Hilbert was not angry about this. The "theory of relativity" was the child of Hurwitz and Hilbert and Mister Einstein only was the midwife.

Because Mister Einstein prefered to play music (with women), he was not known at the university. Hurwitz did not take him into his seminar. Mister Einstein could not call him an antisemit because Hurwitz was of this origin, too. But through the conjoint passion for music Einstein managed to get in... But as a forfeit he has to give his name under the theory of relativity. And so the privy mathematicians had great fun with the physicists.

After Hurwitz died, Mister Einstein soon lost his talent. Then only some speeches came out from him like: "God does not throw dices.", "The future will show, that I have right.", "The followers of my theory have an higher intelligence quotient", "I trust on intuition.".
Or: "The word progress means nothing as long there are unhappy children." - and then he only visited his son one time in the psychiatry. The pacifist preferred to play violin at the construction of the atomic bombs.
After his letter to Roosevelt became public in which he explained his plan to nuke German towns, the "jewisch Saint" (selfadulating) admitted cowardly, not to have written it by himself, what it makes it even worse.

Fortunately you can now forget the whole things with black holes, time dilatation, the turning of the perihelion of Mercury, the equivalence of mass and energy, the light speed in the vacuum. You can explain the deflexion of the light near the sun just simply with a gradient of the refraction index in the sun corona. May I get a Nobel prize for that? I hope not, I am not a confidence trickster. But the Einstein convention to write down sums will remain.