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Aristotle thought that the planets are put upon crystalline spheres. This theory was viewed as confuted after Galileo directed his telescope upon Jupiter and he could see the four moons of Jupiter circling round the planet. So they must break the crystalline sphere. But this confutation is wrong, because Aristotle did not give a maximal radius of the Jupiter. Hence Galileo and his followers until today construe Aristotle to narrow.

"The cutting board swims upon the water, because wood cannot divide the surface of the water!" - Quote Aristotle. Right!

A ship that travels from Liverpool to New York, moves on a circle curve because the ocean is spheric. If a child plays with a peg top on the ship, runs the steward each morning round the railing, turns the ship's propeller the circle curve of the ship is not impaired. So you see: Galileo's confutation is none.